Monday, July 9, 2007

Why I haven't yet submitted my cat for destruction

The bad points:

- She pees on the bed on a fairly regular basis (once every couple of weeks ... sometimes we're lucky and we'll go a few months)
- She is always hungry and always wants to eat. But if she eats more than 12 kibbles, she will puke.
- She gets moody and will go from lovey to bitchy in .09 seconds.

The good points:
- She eats her puke if we leave it there.
- She is really cute!
- She gets excited when I come home.
- She purrs when I rub her ears.
- She likes to sit on my lap.

In conclusion, Nijma needs to stop peeing on the bed. Then she will be a very good cat. We can overcome the puking thing, it's really just the peeing that is dooming her to a short life in the animal shelter.

1 comment:

jason said...

Nijma looks like she was caught looking at porn again.

Bad kitty. Bad.

Princess Nijma

Princess Nijma