Sunday, December 17, 2006

How to Survive Three Thanksgivings

For the first time ever, this year I spent Thanksgiving with a boyfriend. Actually, not one Thanksgiving, but three. On the Sunday before T-day, we had dinner with my dad, his wife Flo, her two kids, her mother, and my sister. It was an entertaining crowd and I was thrilled that Patrick not only ate but liked my cranberry sauce (he's not a fan of the Berry). On Thursday, we left at 4:30 am to drive down to NC to visit my mom, my sister (again), my mom's boyfriend and his daughter. Again, lots of eating, plus shopping and three movies in a day. Patrick nearly melted into a puddle of boredom at suggestion of watching a third movie, but hey, there's not much else to do in New Bern! Finally, we drove up to Patrick's parents' house in Chesapeake, VA where we visited the two of them and his brother. We also stopped in to see Patrick's grandmother, who is ill and living in a rehabilitation center nearby. I was really honored to go with them and to get to meet her. She's a pretty funny lady, and apparently has decided that Patrick has serious employment issues. Her very first question upon seeing us was, to Patrick, "Are you working in a kitchen?" She asked him again later if he was working in a kitchen (she has dementia). After a bit, she inquired how old he was, to which he responded "26," and then she advised him, "It's time to get married." She paused, and then added, "But get a job first." (Editor's note: Patrick is gainfully employed and never mind that marriage comment.)

In spite of all the driving (and one unfortunate speeding ticket incident) it was really a fun and relaxing break. I guess when there's nothing to do other than eat, shop, and watch movies, you can't help but relax. Oh, and how to survive three Thanksgivings? Having great company helps. But ultimately, I attribute it to being a vegetarian. Just the sides for me, thanks! (Ok, so maybe that just means I have extra room for dessert ...)

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