Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Structure is Important in Kitty Life

Our kitties are as regular as senior citizens on bran muffins and prunes - each day has the same rhythm and pattern, often down to the minute. They asked me to share, as they'd like to know if there are other kitties out there that prize their scheduled habits as much as these.
But first, some introductions.
Because the kitties' names are awful (yes, my fault), we'll keep it simple. We've got the Black Cat, our first kitty and therefore K1, and the White Cat, the newcomer and therefore K2. Since you can't have too many cat pictures:

We can identify which is which, yes? Good, moving along.
Our kitty morning starts bright and early, at 0630. This is approximately 15 minutes before Carrie's alarm goes off.

K2: Enough of this sleeping and treasuring your last few winks of sleep. Let's go! Meow!
K1: Sleeping.

After Carrie takes a shower and moves into the kitchen for breakfast, the kitties follow. They beg for food, they are denied. When Carrie prepares to leave, K2 takes up his customary position by the front door. This is similar to the position taken by one of those draft stoppers.

Repeat 30-45 minutes later, when husband departs. Then sleep. Also take advantage of humans' absence by doing things normally prohibited: prancing on countertops, running across the dining table, chewing any hardback books available.

But the day really gets going at 6pm when Carrie or husband returns home.
K2: Dear god I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm dying feed me!
K1: Dear god I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm dying feed me!

Food is given. Peace ensues.
* Once a week exception:
K1: I'm so so hungry I've gotta eat and eat and eat and eat and ... oh lord, here it comes, gag, gag, PUKE.
K2: Oooh, warm food too!

Exactly 30 minutes of peace ensue. Then the switch is thrown.

K2: Meow, meow, meow. (this happens preferably in front of the door to the HVAC, for some mysterious reason. Likely mouse ghosts behind door.)
K1: sleeping
K2's incessant meowing means one of three things. None of these are immediately apparent and only trial and error reveals the solution. 1) He is playful and would like to be entertained. 2) He is lonely and would like to be pet. 3) He is bored to tears and would like to be held against his will under the faucet so that he gets soaked and then can occupy himself with grooming.
K1: sleeping

Peace ensues.
When it's bedtime, K2 revs up the action again. This may include: meowing by the HVAC, chasing K1 as she howls in agony, or hunting. Hunting involves finding a door mat, sliding oneself under it, and remaining perfectly still so as to best catch unsuspecting prey (ie, K1). Hunting also requires complete focus, meaning that even if one is poked, spoken too, or laughed at in one's face, one maintains a stoic and impassive expression, gaze focused keenly at an unspecified point in the distance.
Immediately prior to bedtime, K2 takes up his sentry watch - under the bed. Should Carrie go to bed before husband and need to shut the door, K2 will refuse to abandon his post. That is, until ten minutes after lights-out at which point K2 crawls out and commences whining at the shut door.
Finally, sleep and the opportunity to share a bed with warm human bodies call.

K2: Sleeping on left side of human.
K1: Sleeping on right side of human.
Until 3:30am.

K2: Sleeping on right side of human.
K1: Pawing frantically at the closet door like a fat kid trying to climb a greased wall when pursued by a t-rex.
K2: Realizes it must be play time. Meow!
Fortunately, from 4:00am til 6:30am, peace ensues.

K2: Sleeping at stomach of human.
K1: Sleeping at feet of human.

And then it starts all over.

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Roxie said...

OMG that’s so funny. My three are the same way. I have a white cat that looks so much like this one, and I my newest addition looks JUST like the black one. I don’t suppose you have another black cat tucked somewhere…? See the resemblance at this link: (Sirra is black, and Chloe is my gravatar!)

Princess Nijma

Princess Nijma