Friday, January 22, 2010

Secret Power Ring and Other Hints to Yourself

I have a secret. A ring of mine, the precise nature of which I will not disclose, serves as a hidden source of power. Ok, I thought about lying here and saying that when I put it on, I lose ten pounds and write amazing stories. But you might call me on that one. In truth, its powers are a bit more prosaic, though arguably more important to me. The ring serves as a private reminder to me of who I am. So, when I'm sitting in some high-falutin' meeting where people are arguing about the minutae of international affairs as though the stakes were our own livers lying in the teeth of a rabbit trap, I look down at that ring. I take a deep breath and smile. I'm more than just facts and details and who's right and who's wrong. I'm someone who loves art, who reads literature, who writes for the joy of creation, who secretly wishes the meeting were being conducted with hand puppets. Maybe no one else at that meeting table knows it, but I do. Now that's zen.

Does anyone else out there have a secret power item? Or a secret tattoo? Or an imaginary mouse that lives in your pocket and squeaks to remind you of who you really are? (I'd like one of those, please. Complete with matchbox home.)

(Photo is from the ever-awesome etsy and the great person who made that lovely ring.)

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Princess Nijma

Princess Nijma