Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Gatsby - the Ballet?

This might end up being like either a spork, a liger (see illustration, via Napoleon Dynamite), or a mule. (Respectively: Fabulous combination, A great idea but fails in execution, or Stubborn and sterile.) But, in anticipation, I'm very excited. The Washington Ballet is world-premiering The Great Gatsby at the Kennedy Center - the book turned into an original, full-length ballet. Since part of the appeal of The Great Gatsby is the brilliant use of language and the specific, pithy insights into human nature, I'm not sure it will translate. But I'm quite willing to give it a try! And in the meantime, I get to reread the book (which I have - ack - never actually finished), which is most enjoyable in and of itself. If you're in Washington, check it out! And who knows, if this succeeds, perhaps they'll take it on the road.

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Livia Drusa said...

Livia--who was, in her youth, a Fitzgerald scholar--will be attending a performance of Gatsby
this very evening. The concept is challenging, to be sure--not least that the dancers will have to work with a jazz band--so Livia is looking forward to the experience and will report on it tomorrow.

Princess Nijma

Princess Nijma