Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After the Ride

He stomped into the room, his plate armor groaning and clanking. The metal rested under a thick coat of dust, residue from a day's fighting. Lucinda watched him as she reclined on the bed. Richard paced and cursed, glancing up occasionally at her.

"That is fundamentally irreconcilable," he announced.

"You've had too much of that mead," she observed. "Mary is at it again, pouring you too much."

"Curses, Lucinda, you're not listening!" Richard yelled. He pulled his sword from the sheath at his hip. It did not emerge easily, seeming to grasp at the inside of the sheath. "I am telling you, the fool's claim is irreconcilable!"

"Why is that? It is entirely possible he had made his plans first. Just because the records -"

"NO!" He bellowed. He grabbed the sword hilt in both hands and drove the weapon into the bed. Lucinda raised an eyebrow as she watched, and marveled that he was able to push the blade through the fabric and avoid the metal springs.

"Listen, Richard. You are going too far with this. Look at yourself. Get out of that ridiculous RenFest gear, drink some water, sober up, and we'll call the club. Just because Dave says he booked the gig before you had a chance doesn't mean he's lying."

Richard glared at her. "You never believe me. You're just trying to keep me from succeeding."

"You know that's not true," she retorted. "I drove you to the Renaissance thing today, paid for you to rent that horse even! How can you accuse me of not being supportive? So I don't want you to quit your day job for your two fantasy jobs. Not yet at least. There's nothing wrong with that. I know you'll get there eventually," she softened her tone. "Whether it's knocking guys off their block every day in front of a movie camera or signing with a major label with the band, I know you'll get there. You just have to enjoy the ride."

Richard collapsed onto the bed, the weight of his armor sagging the mattress, which pulled his sword into a painful angle. Like a splinter sticking out from his hand.

"Ok. Can you help me get these damn boots off?"

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