Friday, March 28, 2008

Doggy Poo

Wow. I am currently watching a movie entitled, oh yes, "Doggie Poo." And yup, it's about a small, ridiculously cute pile of canine excrement. It cries. It shivers. It makes you feel bad about a pile of soil's imminent death. Sample line: "I'm just a doggy poo! What can I do?" Don't worry, kids, the doggy poo finds his way. Well, so I assume, I'm only 14 minutes into it, out of 34. If it has a sad, tragic ending, I won't let you know. I guess it's intended to be a good way to teach kids about death. "It's sad, but everything faces an end. That's the way nature intended." It is kind of a cry-baby doggy poo. Who knew.

You can catch this charming toon on Netflix's Watch Instantly. Probably elsewhere too, though I'd hate to think you'd pay for it. I mean, it just seems wrong to pay to have your heart warmed ... Right ... Geez, now I feel like a jerk for making fun of cutsie doggy poo.

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