Monday, December 2, 2013

PitchWars bio

What's not to love about a chance to connect with other enthusiastic writers while hoping for a shot at some great feedback? I'm in!

Hooray for Pitch Wars. While we all eagerly await the results, here's my (Carrie Callaghan's) little bio:

I'm a Washington, DC-area native and I love the weather in every season - yes, even the humidity.  But no matter where I live, books are my true home, and I read voraciously.  I'm currently on maternity leave with a newborn, which means that when I'm not staring bleary-eyed at the wall, I'm holding a nursing baby in one arm and a book in the other.  (Favorite book read while on maternity leave so far? Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.)

Those few precious naptime moments when I don't have to eat or sleep I dedicate to writing.  I write historical and contemporary fiction, have a manuscript on the Spanish Civil War, and am drafting a new one set during the Dutch Golden Age.  My short fiction has been published in a few places, all of whom I owe first-born children to, so I'm in a bit of a pinch.  I also am addicted to reading book reviews and managed to weasel my way onto the editorial staff of the Washington Independent Review of Books.

Is there a life outside of books?  Some days I wonder.  When I remember that there is, you'll find me at the theatre, playing games (yes, like real games) with friends, or chatting with a friend while drinking delicious wine and/or beer.  I'm told that at some point our children will be old enough to allow me to travel again.  Hrm.

Since I'm writing about writing, a quick note: I'm looking for a critique partner who focuses on historical fiction.  I've got some great partners now but would like someone in my genre.  Leave a note if you think that might be you!

Thanks to Dannie Morin for hosting the bios!


holly faur said...

What kind of historical fic?
(or, I've even heard that sci-fi set in a past period counts)
I like the years around WWI and II. So much material...:)

Carrie Callaghan said...

Holly, I'm interested in lots of time periods, but my current projects are 1936-39 and 1631-36ish. What about you? What do you write?

E.Maree said...

Good luck with Pitch Wars!

Emily said...

I too nursed while reading. It was a great way to have some "Me" reading time in an otherwise very busy day! Congrats on your newborn and good luck with Pitch Wars. :)

Emily said...

I too nursed while reading. It was a great way to have some "Me" reading time in an otherwise very busy day! Congrats on your newborn and good luck with Pitch Wars. :)

Carrie Callaghan said...

Thanks folks! Good luck to you too.

Emily Moore said...

I read a lot of historical fiction, but I don't write it. I would love to find a CP as well, but most of mine is more MG fantasy adventure. Does that interest you at all?

Either way would love to network with you on twitter @EGMoorewriter and via blogs (mine is No. 100 on the mentee list.) Congrats on your newborn and in Pitchwars!

Judith Starkston said...

Hi Carrie, You're an inspiration if you manage to write and care for new baby. I write HF set in the Bronze Age in what's now Turkey (Trojan War and Hittite Empire). You should see the agents' eyes roll at the smallness of that niche! My primary local critique partner writes Spanish Civil War and later Spain so that part of your project is familiar to me. I've lately found great benefit from a couple farther flung critique partners who are actively publishing HF, so let me know if you want to do some manuscript exchanging. My debut is coming out this fall via a small press (Fireship) and there is much less editing by my small press than I certainly need, so I very much enjoyed an expanded number of voices in my editing circle and was happy to return the favor for them. By the way, I realize you're on maternity leave and not thinking work, but I did send a review request in to WIRB. If you are feeling like encouraging it toward review, title is Hand of Fire. Do let me know if you'd like to exchange bits of manuscript as we each work along on the journey.

Princess Nijma

Princess Nijma